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Gifted And Talented Education (GATE)


What is the Gifted & Talented Education Program?

In California, public schools may apply for educational funds to assist in providing appropriate learning opportunities for those students identified as gifted and talented. A basic gifted program will include: testing to identify gifted students; grouping students within a class or for all or part of the school day by ability; providing curriculum that is challenging and allows continuous progress; developing social and emotional skills; training for teachers and administrators in the education of gifted learners; providing counseling and support for gifted students who are at-risk; and involving parents in the planning and evaluation of GATE programs.

What are MUSD's Gifted & Talented Program's Goals?

  1. Identify and service potentially gifted and talented students in grades Kindergarten – 12.
  2. Identify and service underrepresented populations through various screening and researched based approaches.
  3. All students will meet or exceed the state academic content standards. The curriculum will be differentiated through acceleration, depth, complexity and novelty.
  4. GATE teachers will differentiate instruction with new emphasis on the social and emotional needs of gifted students.
  5. The GATE Office will provide annual professional development to MUSD elementary, intermediate and high school staff regarding the intellectual, social and emotional needs of the gifted.

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